Ray of Light is the second novel by Canadian author Alison Insco . It was published on October 5, 2014.


Anna moved across the country, away from everything she had ever known, to start a new life for herself and her daughter after spending the last months of her pregnancy in a shelter for battered women. Fast-forward six years, and she is now happily remarried to a man who is raising her daughter as his own, including adopting the girl when she was three years old.

Strange phone calls start to come in from women in Anna's former hometown. At first, she disregards the calls as coincidental wrong numbers, but when the unmistakeable voice of her ex-husband comes across the line, they become impossible to ignore.


Major CharactersEdit


Main character of the book.


Former owner of Ray of Light women's shelter.


Anna's current husband.


Anna's former husband and abuser.


Anna's and Jason's six-year-old daughter.

Minor CharactersEdit


The current owner of Ray of Light women's shelter.


Anna's mother.

Officer RobEdit

The police liaison to Ray of Light women's shelter.


Jordan's daughter, who died at the hands of her abuser.


Jordan's sister, who recently passed away, leaving Jordan her house.


A "frequent flyer" at Ray of Light women's shelter.


Anna and Mike's new daughter.

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